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VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is one of the best ways to save money on long distance and local calling needs. The technology of VoIP allows customers to transmit their telephone calls inexpensively over the Internet through their high speed connection. Although businesses have been the ones to profit from this up until now, advanced technology and the accessibility of high speed Internet in the home has made it possible for residential customers to reap the benefits as well.

If you take advantage of the information that we provide for you, you can do a bit of simple research and select a legitimate company that offers the service you need. This is important since the possibility of becoming a victim to scams does exist. Not only do we inform you as to which companies are legitimate, but also, we let you know what features each company offers. With this information you can determine which company suits your needs the best.

The goal of this site is to inform consumers with the facts so that they can make an accurate and knowledgeable choice. Not only have we put together the basic information that you need to make an informed evaluation, but also, we have arranged a list of VoIP service providers that we have reviewed and can recommend. Take advantage of your high speed Internet connection and start routing your telephone calls the inexpensive way.
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Least Price for Limited Usage N/A $9.95 $14.99 $12.99 $19.95
Lowest Price for Unlimited Plan $203/yr $15.95 $24.99 $18.99/yr $19.95
Minimum Business Plan N/A $29.95 $39.99 $34.99 $19.95
Costliest Business Plan N/A $39.95 $49.99 N/A $49.95
Activation Fee  
Cancelation Fee
Voicemail "" ""
- Web Access
Caller ID
with Name
Call Waiting
with Caller ID
3 way Calling
In-network Calls
Call Transfer
Call Return (*69)
Caller ID Block (*67)
Repeat Dialing
International Call Block
Anonymous Call Rejection
Ring List
911 Service
Do Not Disturb
Number Portability
Distinctive Ring tones
Bandwidth control
Virtual Phone Number
Add a line
Toll Free Number
Soft Phone
Fax Line
411 information
Video Phone
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VoIP.com Review Visit Voip.com
VoIP.com offers a wide variety of inexpensive plan options to fit the needs of many consumers including an excellent unlimited plan with a good value and monthly basis for 16.58 a month, an excellent value prepay unlimited plan for the year, and a 200 minutes per month plan for $9.95 a month. Their pay-as-you-go plan provides an inexpensive way to access VoIP services.

VoIP.com also offers international rates that are the cheapest among the providers for most overseas locations. VoIP.com occasionally runs specials to entice customers to sign on. Potential customers should contact customer service to discover what special deals are currently being offered. VoIP.com offers management of your account online, money back guarantee for the first thirty days, and online help support.

VoIP.com's generous features include good support, great plan pricing, and free set up with their yearly plan. Their website includes a test that allows you to find out how many VoIP lines your current Internet connection can support. Depending on the quality of your high speed Internet connection, you should be able to carry multiple lines.

There are no set up fees. Customers may keep their old phone numbers. VoIP.com offers free calls to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico as well as free unlimited calls to other VoIP.com members. Soft phone unlimited is another option offered to customers.

VoIP.com is set apart form other companies by 2 major things including inexpensive international rates and their feature set of numerous special options. These options include Caller ID, Caller ID Block, Anonymous Call Block, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3-Way Calling, 911 Service, Voice Mail, Voicemail sent to your email, 69 Last Caller Information, Virtual or Toll Free Numbers, choose your area-code, 100 plus speed dial, 7-Digit Dialing, and a Do Not Disturb Option. Plus, it works with Tivo.

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ViaTalk Review Visit ViaTalk

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Vonage Review Visit Vonage
Vonage is one of the best and largest VoIP services. It has invested quite a bit of time, money, and resources developing its network. This well-known service provider has a large share of the market with more than 1.6 million subscribers. For those consumers who are interested in receiving the highest quality reliable call service, Vonage is an optimal choice since it maintains good call quality similar to that offered with traditional land lines.

Vonage's large size allows them to operate efficiently, handling customer service needs in a smooth manner with a large menu of guides and FAQS. Vonage provides support online or by telephone. Customer service provides an immediate response from a qualified representative. In fact, consumers should talk to a customer service representative to find out about any current deals or special offers that might be in effect. Payment options include the ability to pay by credit card or by checking account, a feature that is not offered by all VoIP service providers.

You can sign up from their website. Their website includes a link that can test your computer automatically to ensure that it will work with Vonage service. An activation fee of $29.95 is charged to new customers. A cancellation fee is charged if you decide to cancel after 30 days but before an entire year has passed. No annual contract or installation fee is required and you receive a free telephone adapter. There is a money back guarantee within the first thirty days provided less than 250 minutes have been used.

Vonage offers a premium unlimited plan at a price of $24.95 a month as well as a limited plan of 500 minutes plus free in-network calls for $14.99. Two small business plans are also offered. This includes features like caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, 911, and voicemail. Although Vonage is not one of the cheapest, their unlimited plan includes calls to France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. Vonage offers a variety of add on features at a minimal cost including virtual phone number, soft phone, and toll free plus. It also offers a variety of general features some of which are not offered by other providers, including Network Unavailable Forwarding

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Packet8 Review Visit Packet8

Packet8 is an early provider of VoIP services and has established itself well. The phone system this provider uses features very high quality. They offer a $24.99 fee for their monthly plan with unlimited local and long distance and free in network calls. Plus, the unlimited plan is less expensive if the customer commits to an entire year. You can get this plan for the terrific value of only $16.58 a month and it includes the United States and Canada and free in network calls. Moreover, no contract is necessary if you opt to go for the monthly plan rather than the yearly commitment.

A terrific international plan exists that covers 40 countries and provides competitive per minute rates. A terrific business plan exists as well with a business rate for $39.99 a month with an unlimited calling plan. Plus, there is a metered extension plan option of 250 minutes for $19.99 as well as the video rate plan. An unlimited global plan is offered for only $49.99 a month.

A $29.99 activation fee exists as well as a $12.95 shipping and handling fee for the phone adapter. However, this service includes a free phone adapter. The customer service department might be a bit lacking at times. A money back guarantee exists within the first 30 days of coverage with Packet8. Special promotions are offered throughout the year. Therefore, customers should contact the company before signing up to find out what promotions are currently being offered.

Packet8 offers features that include call waiting, call forwarding, call return, caller ID, caller ID block, last caller information, 3-way calling, 911 service, and voicemail. Additionally, customers can retain their existing phone number, choose their area code, manage their accounts online, and send their voicemail to their email account. Plus, the do not disturb or network unavailable option is also offered.

Additionally, 1-800 numbers are available for an extra monthly fee. The opportunity to purchase video phones or video calling plans at a discount with a subscription to one of their VoIP service plans.

The cancellation fee for Packet 8 is a bit steep. The customer is charged $59.99 if the customer cancels after the first thirty days but before an entire year has passed. Unfortunately, the cancellation fee increases to $99.99 if the customer ordered a free phone with the plan that they signed up for.

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AT&T CallVantage Visit AT&T CallVantage
AT & T offers its own version of VoIP service with an excellent feature set. With its past history and reputation of providing quality service, AT & T is a strong contender in the VoIP market. Its brand name is one that almost everyone recognizes and the quality of the calls it provides is exceptional. AT & T CallVantage VoIP Service is available for both residential and business customers.

Although AT & T CallVantage offers a basic local-only plan for only $19.99 a month, it makes more sense to obtain the unlimited plan for $24.99 a month. The extra cost is minimal and the additional benefit of unlimited calling is huge. AT & T CallVantage also offers a two-line plan, but it makes more sense to obtain two separate unlimited lines. The two-line plan features one unlimited line and a second line with 500 minutes per month at a cost of $49.99, which is more than the cost of two separate unlimited lines.

Plus, for those consumers currently using AT& T's DSL service, the benefits of AT & T CallVantage includes the ability to solve technical problems more quickly. However, it isn't necessary to have At & T's DSL service to take advantage of their VoIP service, especially since it is available throughout the United States. AT& T's VoIP service is not compatible with security systems or medical monitoring equipment. Credit card billing is the only accepted form of payment.

Unfortunately, no money back guarantee is offered with AT& T CallVantage's VoIP service. Plus, an activation fee of $29.99 is in effect with a fee of $9.95 shipping and handling for the adapter. A $29.99 cancellation fee applies if service is cancelled before a full year passes. AT & T CallVantage includes calls to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

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